How to Transfer Previously Downloaded Apps to iOS Devices after iTunes 12.7 Update

By | 13 September 2017

The latest version of iTunes (12.7) that has just been released today does not contain iOS App Store anymore. While many people might think that it’s good to remove the bloated iTunes and streamline it to be more focused on being an entertainment application (for music, movie, radio, podcast), some people (like me) may miss the option to sync their apps from their Mac or PC to their iOS devices.

Previously, with iOS App Store within iTunes, you could download your app once on your Mac/PC and then sync them to all your iOS devices rather than downloading them individually using each device like how Apple is forcing you to do it now.

And what about those apps that are no longer available in App Store, or those custom ringtones that you’ve created? Fortunately, there’s still away to sync back these apps or ringtones to your iOS devices. The Apple support page itself provides the instruction on how to do it.


In short, here’s how you do it

  • Open iTunes (yes, you still need iTunes)
  • Plug in your iOS device and choose it on iTunes
  • Locate your media files that you want to transfer to your device
    • For Apps, it should be in iTunes folder\iTunes Music\Mobile Applications
    • For ringtones, it should be in iTunes folder\iTunes Music\Ringtones
  • Drag and drop your file(s) to your iOS device in the left sidebar of iTunes

You can view the detail of changes in the new iTunes version 12.7 from the Apple Support page.