Saving Skype Media Files from Exported Archive

I created a quick and dirty Python script to automate the extraction of media files from a Skype exported archive. Update 1 November 2021: I have added a binary executable version of the file to make it more convenient. Skype allows you to download all your conversation history and files that were shared with you or… Read More »

Root Certificate for Intranet

If you need an SSL/TLS certificate for an intranet site or your local development server, you can create a self-signed SSL/TLS certificate and trust this certificate in the client browsers. But if you need multiple certificates for multiple domain names in your intranet, a better way to do it is to become your own certificate… Read More »

How to Use an Apple Music Playlist as an Alarm

It’s easy to use a particular song from your music library as an alarm sound on your iPhone. But what if you want a playlist to act as your alarm sound. Unfortunately, the Clock app on the iPhone does not have an option for this. You can only choose a tone or a song from… Read More »

How to Convert PDF to Images Using Quick Action on Mac

You can convert a single page of a PDF file to an image using the “Export” menu in Preview. If you want to export all the pages to images, then you would have to do it page by page. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can right-click on a PDF file then choose a quick… Read More »